The Borough of Wilson contracts with Barry Isett and Associates for third party administration of our Building and Code Enforcement Program.  The department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of local ordinances. These ordinances may be specific to housing and property maintenance.

Barry Isett also responds to citizen complaints concerning property maintenance, construction project inspections, and applications regarding building projects. Permits are issued for Use and Occupancy, repairs, replacements, additions and new installations.

The Department works closely with the Borough Business Office and the Borough Engineer.


Wilson Borough Peermit Fee Schedule

Certificate of Compliance 

  • Each dwelling unit to be inspected is  $100
  • Each Commercial or Industrial use under 5,000 square feet to be inspected is $125 per building.
  • Each Commercial or Industrial use over 5,000 square feet to be inspected is $175 per building.
  • Certificate of Occupancy is $50.

Building Fees

  • $25 for the first $500 and $2.50 for each additional $100, not to exceed $10,000.

Electrical Fees

  • $25 for the first $500 and $2.50 for each additional $100, not to exceed $10,000.

Plumbing Fees

  • $25 for the first $500 and $2.50 for each additional $100. not to exceed $10,000.
  • The tapping fee will be $1000 to access and utilize the sewer line off of the Property, $500 if the line is within the Property boundary.
  • There must always be a Master Plumber on the job, duly licensed by the Borough of Wilson.

Trenches and Excavations

  • $10 per square foot of restoration.
  • Permit fee $25


  • Residential $8 per square foot
  • Commercial $8 per square foot

Street Signs

  • Handicap parking $125
  • Business directional $60 ($160 if a pole is required)
  • Business parking $125

Business Privilege

  • Business Privilege license $25
  • Business Privilege tax: .0015 of gross income earned in the Borough.

Moving Permit

  • $5.00 fee

Health Inspections and Licenses

  • Initial inspection and license $150
  • Renewal (yearly) $85
  • Re-Inspection due to violation $35
  • Temporary license (14 days or less per year) $10/day
  • Nonprofit organizations shall comply with Chapter 78 of the Department of Agriculture Code; however, no fee is required.

Grass/Weed Cutting or Snow/Ice Removal from private property.

  • The cost to remove will be passed on to the property owner.

Please take note that applications can take up to 30 days to process, please plan accordingly! 

Barry Isett & Associates Fee Schedule

Barry Isett Fee Schedule 2023


Permit Applications for the following:

Building, Addition, Alterations, Swimming Pool, Mechanical, Plumbing, Electric, Fire Suppression. Please use the UCC Application below:

UCC Permit Application

All other applications please click the link below:

Business Privilege Application

Certificate of Compliance Application

Demolition Permit Application

Dumpster Permit Applicaiton

Moving Permit Application

Planning Commission

Sidewalk-Curbing permit application

Subdivison and Land Development Application

General Zoning Permit - Fence, Porch, Deck,. Shed and Driveways

Zoning Permit in a Floodplain

Zoning Application - Sign

Zoning Application for all other disciplines

Zoning Appeal