Attention Wilson Borough Residents:

The Borough’s trash and recycle contract with Waste Management will end on December 31, 2022. Borough code requires that Wilson Borough advertise the need for trash and recycle services through an RFP. Sealed bids were accepted, and the Borough has awarded the new contract to the lowest responsible bidder, LMR Disposal. Waste Management declined to offer a bid.

Starting January 2, 2023, there will be new pick up dates for trash. Please see the breakdown below and attached maps.

Your recycle day will stay the same, Thursday – every other week.

The new contract allows for five (5) bags, or two (2) thirty-two (32) gallon containers for each collection of trash. Bulk items are restricted to one item per month, which shall be placed out on your collection day the first week of each month.

As you may have seen in the news lately, trash collection fees have risen significantly due to the current economic conditions. Your next trash/sewer bill will see an increase. These new rates have not been calculated to date. When we have the new rates, we will advise. Please be aware that the Borough representatives have accepted the lowest bid to keep your costs as low as possible.We understand this is going to be a confusing transition. The Borough asks for your patience, as this is also new to the Borough Staff. Contact the Borough Office at 610-258-6142 with any concerns or issues.

If you have elderly neighbors who may not have internet access, please relay the message to them. We
are currently working on a mass mailing to send to all residents.

Monday: Area between Wood Avenue and Ferry Street odd house numbers.

Monday Map

Tuesday: Area between Ferry Street even house numbers and Butler Street odd house numbers.