Natural hazards are naturally occurring environmental risks. Where natural hazards overlap the built environment, they have the potential to cause great harm to communities and their critical infrastructure. Hazard mitigation planning is the process of identifying the risks, vulnerabilities, and capabilities of our community. We then develop mitigation strategies to reduce the loss of life and damage to property from these natural events.
Hazard Mitigation Plans are key to breaking the cycle of disasters and making our community more resilient. On average, every $1 spent on mitigation saves $6 on future disaster losses. With that in mind, another key benefit of having a FEMA-Approved Hazard Mitigation Plan is that both Lehigh and Northampton Counties and their municipalities would qualify to apply for future mitigation grant funding to implement these strategies. Hazard Mitigation Plans must be updated every 5 years to maintain eligibility to apply for hazard mitigation funding.
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