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Easton Area Joint Sewer Authority

When it comes to “rags” and the sewer system, they don’t mix! They are small, but mighty, and can cause very costly damage to wastewater equipment. The consequences of the damages and repairs will be reflected in your sewer rates.

In the wastewater industry the term “rags” is used to describe wipes, towels, shop rags, industrial rags, cleaning wipes, etc.; basically, materials tougher than toilet paper, that are not able to break down in the sewer system.

Now maybe you are thinking, what happens when I flush “rags” down the toilet? They disappear from my house and/or place of work to never be seen again. Well…that’s not the case for those of us that work in the wastewater industry. “Rags” can clog sewer lines, get caught in pumps and wastewater equipment, causing them to malfunction and need to be repaired, or worse, replaced. Tens of thousands of dollars are spent at the wastewater treatment plant alone repairing damage caused by these “rags.”

These repairs not only are costly but may also lead to dangerous confined space maintenance done by our staff. The EAJSA Wastewater staff takes great pride in the wastewater treatment quality. Please do your part by throwing away “rags” so sewer rate payer’s money can be put to better use in upgrading and improving equipment to continue our environmental stewardship of high-quality discharge to the Delaware River, instead of costly repairs.