Questions about your garbage and recycling pick up????

Please call the Borough Office at 610-258-6142 or  Waste Management at 1-800-633-9096 – Be sure to mention that you are a Residential account!

Dumpsters 1-800-621-2100

Household Hazardous Waste 1-800-449-7587

Home Collection Program for Household Generated Special Material.

Please click on the link below for instructions and contact information.

Waste Mangement Home Collection

Refrigerators -

In order for Waste Management to service a unit with Freon,  the Freon needs to be removed by a licensed appliance tech.  The tech will provide the homeowner with paperwork that needs to be handed to the crew at time of service.  This paperwork will show that the Freon has been removed legally.

If there is no paperwork Waste Management cannot service the item.

Scrap yards around the area will take the unit if they can get it there with the Freon. or 1-800 got junk does something with them if the resident can not haul it themselves.